What is Free Software?

Please refer to the Free Software Definition at


What is the Gateway Anti-Virus?

Gateway Anti-Virus is a free software project with the primary goal of creating a SOAP web service that can scan files for computer viruses.


Where can I get free support?

The main support mechanism is the gatewayav-discuss mailing list. E-mail sent to the list is forwarded to all developers and any users that have decided to join. It is publicly accessible and will be archived forever, so think before you hit the 'Send' button. If you'd like to discuss something privately, please contact one of the developers.


Vermont and Free Software

Why is Gateway Anti-Virus Free Software?

  • Cost - It takes very little effort and doesn't cost the state anything to publish the source code, we use a free service called Source Forge. If we receive source code contributions from outside developers it will actually result in a savings because the contributed code is code that Vermont didn't have to pay developers to write.
  • To be a good Neighbor - Many states are implementing Streamlined Sales Tax and other XML-based electronic return systems. Sharing the code with fellow states would be a nice thing to do because it helps them accomplish their goals while reducing their costs. Additionally, other Vermont agencies and departments could adapt and enhance the code to meet their needs.
  • Education - Vermonters who are studying Java software development could learn by studying our code. Our code has a lot of interesting pieces in it that aren't directly related to taxes (our event logging system, authentication system, unit test setup, etc). Developers of open source software could legally copy and use the code in their projects.
  • Better Software - With more people using our code and more developers looking at our code, bugs would be more easily spotted and fixed. Sharing the code with the transmitters who send us data allows them to test changes to their software and debug problems more easily. They could examine exactly what our code does with their input and setup their own private testing environment.


Are there other State of Vermont or the Vermont Department of Taxes Free / Open Source Software projects?

The Vermont Department of Taxes maintains gateway, tmx-editor, inoclam, locale4j, maven-har-plugin, and maven-sar-plugin.


Does the State of Vermont or the Vermont Department of Taxes plan on releasing any other Free / Open Source Software?

At this time there are no specific plans that we know of.